RNS Morning Report: Faith caravan; Ballot fraud accusations; Wanamaker’s legacy

Honduran migrants ask for food from a mobile aid group in Tijuana, Mexico, on Nov. 29, 2018. RNS photo by Jair Cabrera Torres

Need to know: Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Church Supper

Faith groups in Tijuana rise to meet needs of migrant caravan waiting at the border

In a border city overwhelmed with more than 6,000 asylum-seekers, one group had bulked up its meal program to serve more than 1,200 breakfasts a day. More from Religion News Service

Collecting Votes

Southern Baptist minister embroiled in election fraud controversy

The allegations are awkward for Harris, who made a name for himself in the Tar Heel state as a conservative crusader and once argued for greater involvement for pastors in politics. More from Religion News Service

Department of Faith

Evangelical retailer John Wanamaker built fortune by blending faith with business

John Wanamaker saw his legendary department store — one of the first in the nation — as a pulpit, according to a new book. More from Religion News Service

Heavyweight Fighter

New film profiles boxer Pardeep Singh Nagra and his fight for religious freedom

When the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association prohibited him from competing because of his beard, this Sikh athlete decided to fight to change the rules, writes Simran Jeet Singh. More from Religion News Service


China’s repression of Uighurs won’t stop until the international community intervenes

The world at large needs to organize itself to address a crackdown on Muslim minorities whose heroic fight against repression we have so far comfortably ignored, writes Jacob Lupfer. More from Religion News Service

Genuinely Held

Veganism deserves the same protection against discrimination as religion, say philosophers

Quartz spoke with three philosophers who all thought veganism deserved the same legal protection as religion. Three more emailed to say they agreed. More from Quartz


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