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5 faith facts about Tim Kaine: ‘I do what I do for spiritual reasons’

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and U.S. Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) wave to the crowd during a campaign rally at Ernst Community Cultural Center in Annandale
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., wave to the crowd during a campaign rally at Ernst Community Cultural Center in Annandale, Va., on July 14, 2016. Courtesy of REUTERS/Carlos Barria

(RNS) Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton announced Tim Kaine, the junior Democratic senator from Virginia and former governor of that state, as her vice presidential running mate Friday (July 22).

Kaine, a Roman Catholic, will appear with Clinton, a Methodist, at next week’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Here are five faith facts about the new vice presidential candidate.

1. He was taught by Jesuits.

Kaine was raised Catholic in Missouri. His parents were so devout, Kaine told C-SPAN, that “if we got back from a vacation on a Sunday night at 7:30 p.m., they would know the one church in Kansas City that had an 8 p.m. Mass that we can make.” He attended an all-boys Jesuit high school in Kansas City and worked for a year with Jesuit missionaries in Honduras, where he taught welding — his father’s trade — and carpentry.

He and his wife attend St. Elizabeth Catholic Church in Richmond, Va., which has a predominantly African-American congregation. He co-founded a men’s study group there.

2. Kaine says he separates the personal from the political.

Kaine is personally against abortion and the death penalty and has sometimes spoken against same-sex marriage and gay adoption, all of which aligns with Catholic teaching. But he has taken different stances in his political life. He has upheld Roe v. Wade and told Chuck Todd of “Meet the Press”: “I have taken the position, which is quite common among Catholics — I have got a personal feeling about abortion, but the right rule for government is to let women make their own decisions.”

As Virginia’s governor, he oversaw 11 state executions. “I have a moral position against the death penalty,” he said in 2012. “But I took an oath of office to uphold it. Following an oath of office is also a moral obligation.”

He was fairly late to supporting same-sex marriage, saying in 2013, “I believe all people, regardless of sexual orientation, should be guaranteed the full rights to the legal benefits and responsibilities of marriage under the Constitution.”

And while Kaine opposed gay adoption in 2005 — also in line with Catholic Church teaching — by 2012 he had reversed his position.

3. He favors allowing women to become priests.

When Pope Francis visited Washington, D.C., in September 2015, Kaine attended the pontiff’s historic address to Congress. Before the speech, he issued a statement. “If women are not accorded equal place in the leadership of the Catholic Church and the other great world religions, they will always be treated as inferiors in earthly matters as well,” Kaine said. “There is nothing this Pope could do that would improve the world as much as putting the Church on a path to ordain women.”

4. Kaine is a fan of Pope Francis’ “Laudato Si’.”

Not all Catholics thought the pontiff should write an encyclical on a secular issue such as global warming, but Kaine agrees with Francis’ framing of the issue as one of faith. “I’m sure he’s not going to opine on whether a carbon tax is better than a cap-and-trade mechanism,” Kaine said of the pope days before the encyclical was published in 2015. “That doesn’t need to be where he goes — but to say, ‘You know, you guys and everybody in power these days, you’ve got the next generation’s future in your hands, and you don’t want to have to face that question later in life: With the science what it was, and with you having the opportunity to do something about it, why did you choose not to?'”

5. Kaine speaks openly about his faith.

“My faith is central to everything I do,” he once told the website Patch. “My faith position is a Good Samaritan position of trying to watch out for the other person.” And in a recent C-SPAN interview he said: “I do what I do for spiritual reasons. I’m always thinking about the momentary reality but also how it connects with bigger matters of what’s important in life.”
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Kimberly Winston

Kimberly Winston is a freelance religion reporter based in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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  • So in essence as a ‘catholic’, he is a heretic … by any understanding of the word. Also, knowing where Mass is offered on Sunday, in order to fulfill one’s basic Sunday obligation, makes one a marginal Catholic, hardly a Saint. The Bishop should excommunicate him for officiating at a gay marriage … just for starters.

  • So, he doesnt practice what he preaches. And the Democratic party is about as Anti Christian as you can get today, why would a Christian go along with it at all.

  • Oh please. How is it “anti-christian”? Cause it doesn’t thump the bible every time they appear on tv?

  • Underwhelming and safe choice. Hillary knows the progressives, minorities, and feminists are going to vote for her anyway out of fear of the orange poo flinging gibbon. So she got someone who will be able to court the center/right. The fiscal conservatives who feel left out of the race.

    “What`s good for Business is good for America”

    Clinton/Kaine 2016 🙂

  • But if the Bishop does that, then Obama’s Pope will remove or re-assign the Bishop. The new Pope fully supports legalized gay marriage (as a public policy), just like Hillary and Obama and their little clone Kaine.

    **Unrelenting Liberalism** is the real sermon that they preach to everybody.

    So if Hillary wins, this nation is toast. You can only last so long on borrowed time.

  • Doc, you sound like you positively relish the thought. Such good will to all men! It must be Christmas!

  • You can’t get more anti-Christian than the current GOP. They spit in the face of most of his teachings.

  • If only all of our politicians would be like JFK. “I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute, where no Catholic prelate would tell the president (should he be Catholic) how to act, and no Protestant minister would tell his parishioners for whom to vote; where no church or church school is granted any public funds or political preference; and where no man is denied public office merely because his religion differs from the president who might appoint him or the people who might elect him. I believe in an America that is officially neither Catholic, Protestant nor Jewish; where no public official either requests or accepts instructions on public policy from the Pope, the National Council of Churches or any other ecclesiastical source; where no religious body seeks to impose its will directly or indirectly upon the general populace or the public acts of its officials; and where religious liberty is so indivisible that an act against one church is treated as an act against all.” – Sept. 12, 1960, presidential candidate John F. Kennedy speech to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association.

  • We are the creators of our gods. The raw materials deserve no credit. All credit goes to he who does the assembly:

    “Love enemies” – Jesus (Matthew 5:44)
    “Kill enemies” – Jesus (Luke 19:27)
    “Hate them or you are not worthy of me.” – JESUS (Luke 14:26)

    It is up to you. Assemble at your own risk. But remember you are the only one doing the assembly.
    God is your creation.

  • There are those, due to their religious beliefs, who teach that life begins at the first breath, those who believe that life begins at conception, and those who don’t care. I think it is safe to say the the scientific and medical professions acknowledge that life begins at conception. The Federal government’s NIH Medline website states as much when it refers to “your baby” at all stages of development. The majority of abortions are the result of irresponsible sex. The old saying of keeping your pants on unless you are willing to bear responsibility for your actions is not taught. A new morality based on eugenics, responsible for millions of deaths, and promoted by people who should know better elevates abortion in a way similar to the commandments on the barn in Animal Farm…similar to Tim Kaine’s changing views. Now a proposal to overturn the Hyde amendment and make taxpayers pay for abortions is being proposed at the Democratic convention. It seems they have devolved to a level comparable to the Philistines who supported human sacrifice to their manufactured God, Dagon.

  • Did I miss something? Isn’t Kaine the democrat party’s VP pick? You are changing the subject.

  • “…Satan does what he does ‘for spiritual reasons’ as well … 100%.”

    Doesn’t he? He’s really good at it, too. Almost makes you think he’s on God’s side, it all sounds so reasonable.

    Reality breaks through: ANY person Hillary would pick to be her compadre must absolutely be as functionally godless as SHE is, i.e. all hat and no cattle.

    Jesus Christ and his EXCLUSIVE claims on man are NEVER mentioned by “spiritual” people”, but they will use “Jesuit”, “Catholic”, “Church”, “Good Samaritan” etc. as sheep’s clothing (little knowing they are wolves doing the Devil’s work). Democrats and Republicans constantly lie about their faith, mainly to themselves.

    That said, I respect the man for not sabotaging the 11 executions that, after struggling for 15-20 years to make it to The End, reached his desk.

  • Let’s see, Tim: You speak about your faith and moral positions, but you are the VP candidate with a woman known to be a liar and a thief and an enabler of a serial adulterer. I don’t think the Pope has the same values you do.

  • So much here to discuss. In reverse order, I assume you believe the Philistine’s manufactured God to be inferior to yours. Why? Does life begin at conception, or the potential for life? What are your plans to care for 1 million children each year in the US who will be born if you get your way? Do you support Mike Pence’s law which would preclude an abortion for an identified fetal abnormality? You would compel a child with malformed lungs to be birthed, just to die in his/her mother’s arms? How do you distinguish your tax dollars paying for military weapons which clearly kill civilians as collateral damage with your tax dollars which might fund an abortion?

  • Well as far as I know he has neither had an abortion or participated in an abortion. So in what way has he not practised what he preaches?

  • At this point the Pope is not speaking out against the things that according to Cannon Law are absolute grave mortal sins. Gay marriage and abortion (murder) will never be approved by Our Lord, it matters not what the Pope may say. The fact that he keeps appointing progressive heretical bishops, archbishops and cardinals is extremely troubling. It would appear he elects to close his ears to warnings of Our Lady of Fatima and St. Faustina.

  • Satan likes to sow hate. Leviticius says to kill all adulterers. If your church does not do this then you are going to hell.

  • Nonsense. Science does not say that human life begins at conception. It says cellular life as part of the mother’s body begins at conception.

  • Thank you. You make it clear why so many sane and event people are deserting your Catholic church. Keep it up.

  • He parctices what he preaches. You do not know how to read because you are blinded by your lust against the gifts of the holy spirit.

  • Known to be a liar– well, I would prefer the word politician, but I can accept this to a limited extent.

    Known to be a thief? Sounds like reviling and slandering to me.

    And an enabler of a serial adulterer? It seems like she stood by her marriage. I guess in I-hate-Hillary-but-I’m-religious land, that counts for absolutely nothing.

  • And of course like most Catholics and Protestants he favors third trimester and partial birth abortions. He is also know for taking bribes for political favors, a time honored Catholic tradition, is it not. He attends Mass regularly because he thinks that alone will keep him from hell regardless of how he lives his life. Obviously the world needs more Christians who venerate him as a role model.

  • Christians attacking other Christians for not being the same kind of Christian they are. Good to know that religious bigotry is alive and well.

    A Christian apparently praising capital punishment: that Jesus! Always saying things like ” what you do unto these, the least of my brothers, you do unto me.”

  • I see you have no qualms about killing one million people. War is against those who have attacked us or are going to attack us or our allies. Our smart weapons minimize non-combatant casualties as long as targeting information is correct. You on the other hand would sanction the killing of non-combatants. I bet you think you deserve a Nobel Peace Prize too and you will place it on your altar dedicated to abortion!

  • You forgot killing all gays, kill anybody who doesn’t join your religion, and don’t forget women are to be second class citizens. It appears ISIS is the only ones who have it right. We good Catholics and Christians better catch up with following our Holy Scripture.

  • Certainly not. But if you aren’t ready to care for them, I hope you’ll at least admit to being “pro-birth”, not “pro-life”.

  • JFK also stated that if there were a conflict between Catholicism and the positions he felt he had to take as a politician, he would resign from office. While some of his personal actions (such as affairs) were hypocritical, he took no policy positions that deviated from basic moral stances of the Catholic Church, and had no illusions that he could do this and remain Catholic..

  • How ironic that Trump, one of the NONEs, lives more by Christian principles than the religious Hillary and Kaine. Trump functions in a corrupt world and became wealthy without sacrificing his root values as evidenced by his children.

  • Uh, the Pope has spoken out against gay marriage and abortion repeatedly. Perhaps you are relying on (and believing!) liberal news sources.

  • Sen. Kaine is unknown to me, but seems to be a good and decent man. Good choice, Sec. Clinton.

  • OMG. Science unequivocally says that human life begins at conception. No, science does not regard a fertilized egg as “part of the mother’s body.” This is basic biology. You are confusing your political ideology with science.

  • In today’s age of political vitriol, it is nice to see that the Republicans and Democrats can come together, albeit rarely, to solve important issues together!!

    This new bipartisan push is a welcome development!!

    I’m glad the Blue and Red Tribes can look past their differences in this one case, and work together to cure insomnia once and for all by giving us a series of political debates between Kaine and Pence!!

  • Unfortunately Hillary is anti-business, and anti-gun, despite what she says. She is against freedom of speech, as evidenced by her support of PC and micro-aggressions. She is against the police and law and order as evidenced by her support of BLM. She is against the American worker as evidenced by her support of TPP. She is against Christians as evidenced by her support of middle eastern countries, her Muslim immigration policies, and support of ISIS despite what she says.
    It is just so easy to vote for her with those policy positions.

  • Uhhh, isn’t his whole shtick offering people material incentives in exchange for the forfeiture of spiritual qualities??

    Pretty sure one of his main stories involved him showing up to a guy in the desert and going “Bro, this spiritualism thing you’re doing is lame!! You should use your powers to be a king!!”

  • I don’t mince words as pro-abortion advocates do when calling themselves pro-choice. Anti-abortion is being pro-life.

  • You need to take a sex education class again. I suggest the PBS documentaries ‘The Miracle of Life’ or ‘Life’s Greatest Miracle’. You might object to the last one since it was paid for by one of the Koch brothers.

  • Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and render unto God what is God’s. Personal philanthropy or group based philanthropy has been replaced all too often by the government which then administers regulations that goes against the individual or group’s beliefs. What was originally God’s teaching is distorted by government decree.

  • Catholics and other Christians acknowledge that Jesus taught tolerance and that unless we are without sin, we shouldn’t throw deadly projectiles. Turn the cheek. He railed against the misuse of the strict interpretations in older writings. Later teachings by others justified violence for self preservation.

  • If you are not concerned about what happens after the child is born, isn’t that more like “pro-birth”? What if all the effort which is put into denying a woman choice was put into giving a pregnant woman considering abortion a better choice, more support to raise her child, or streamlined adoption services, without legally and unconstitutionally restricting her choice? It seems to me, that would be the better use of your time. Instead, we have governors like Mike Pence seeking to require children with fatal abnormalities to be given birth, which was held unconstitutional virtually immediately.

  • Let’s see. A man who says that he is personally against abortion, gay-marriage, gay adoption, etc. but happily maintains membership in the party which supports all of these and is campaigning as the VP for the presidential candidate who also supports them. Either that man is a liar, believes that being a politician (and getting re-elected) is more important than personal beliefs, or he is truly double-minded.

    “For that man ought not to expect that he will receive anything from the Lord, being a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.”

  • Separating personal conscience and public conscience? Makes no sense. In New York there was a nominally Catholic legislator who voted for abortion – even before Roe v. Wade. After he lost, he came up with a “two-conscience theory” – lost again. Shouldn’t one’s approach to public life be informed by something in the way of values, Christian or otherwise?

  • Big business wants nothing to do with Trump and has even less use for the reactionary religious types. Discrimination that fundamentalist Christians are stumping for is bad for business and generates terrible PR. It’s easier and more profitable not to be so hateful.

    BLM would not exist if not for predatory law enforcement and judicial activity directed against the poor which went on in Ferguson.

    Of course police would be far less likely to abuse deadly force if we were not awash with under regulated firearms. The NRA hates cops.

    Trumps policy towards Muslims supports ISIS. They undermine our civil liberties, play into Islamicist recruiting propaganda. You do not fight extremists by being one yourself. If you have to torch the first amendment for safety, you are protecting nothing of value.

  • Rarely and only when or after his comments have to be explained as the Pope did not mean to say…… He only appoints prelates that wish to change the teachings on grave matters of morality. I do not rely on the liberal news. I am a traditional Catholic.

  • You read selected verses and fail to read the complete message. Abortion, gay marriage, fornication are grave mortal sins and unless forgiveness is requested with repentance, one will live in hell for eternity.

  • No, the Pope frequently makes pro-life and anti-gay-marriage pronouncements. They are just not reported.

  • Maybe his values were that it was not for him to impose his religious beliefs upon others who were not members of his faith through the coercive power of the state.

  • A choice of life or death is what you propose. Does the victim have to read a passage from the Koran to determine if he or she lives or not?

  • You forgot adultery and numerous other mortal sins. Pope Francis has been calling for reconsideration and forgiveness in many of these areas other thsn abortion as I recall.

  • We live in a secular Constitutional Republic under the rule of law, not in a theocracy based on your interpretation of Christian dogma. No one knows what your specific God’s original teachings were. All you have is a Bible that was written 2000 – 2500 years ago by human beings that has been lost to history and survives on in copies of copies that have been translated. Bart Ehrman provides a nice summary of why we have issues with the Bible as a source of divine knowledge. Read it at

    Individuals are free to believe what they desire as long as they don’t harm others. The government remains neutral in matters of religion to protect our freedom of conscience. If a religious group accepts our tax dollars they must abide by the same rules as every other organization. There are no special rights for faith-based beliefs under the Constitution. Every citizen is equal under the law.

  • Aren’t you seeking to impose a religious belief on a secular nation? Wouldn’t it be better to live as you choose in a way which does not burden others (legislatively) with your personal beliefs?

  • I think a case could be made that the religious beliefs or lack of beliefs of the Justices in the Roe v. Wade case led them to decide that life does not begin until the first breath is taken. Like Plessy v. Ferguson and other controversial cases, prior rulings can become obsolete.

  • If scientific, medical, and government have stated that life begins at conception and “your baby” exists at all stages of fetal development, then harming others is included in the act of abortion…which you purport to believe.
    It’s a Dagon shame Democrats support the primitive practice of abortion or human sacrifice.

  • No that’s not what they decided. They decided that the fetus has rights, but until viability, the rights of the fetus are subordinate to the rights of the mother. They acknowledged what a difficult decision this is, that abortions have been performed since ancient Egypt, but in the end, if this burden is to be borne by the mother, it should be her decision. Unlike Plessy v Ferguson, the Roe holding has been upheld in major subsequent cases over the last 40 years.

  • I’m sure you don’t believe in evolution, so it will do no good to explain to you that people evolve and grow up.

  • I would mention taking the china and furniture from the White House, which is stealing from the American people, but reality doesn’t mean a thing to you Hillary idolaters.

  • Actually JFKs speech was the 1st step down the road for Catholic politicians selling out their faith for power. This set the stage for the personally opposed but….. Dodge. Now it is required for any Catholic Democrat who has national office aspirations.

  • I am perfectly aware that certain politicians devolve and sell-out. If so, he should clearly state that his beliefs are pro-abortion, pro-SSM, etc., rather than claiming that he is *privately* against them, but supports them publicly.

  • Plessy v. Ferguson continued segregation for 58 years until Brown v. Board of Education nullified it in 1954. Roe v. Wade hinged States rights to protect the fetus on viability allowing states leeway during the 3rd trimester, but that leeway was taken away when Planned Parenthood v. Casey was decide in 1992. I think a case using the ADA may pry loose the laws that allow abortion if the fetus was considered handicapped until it was born. Abortion is a bad choice because it demeans our society to a primitive ranking when it allows a cavalier interpretation on the value of a human life to casually sanction it’s annihilation.

  • The ‘life begins at conception’ mantra is a faith-based belief that has its basis in religion not fact. The religious right has a fetus fetish and a hatred of women having control over their reproductive health. I have worked for evidence-based policies that help women prevent unwanted pregnancies thereby reducing the need for abortion. The religious right has long promoted policies that increase unwanted pregnancies and deny women access to reproductive healthcare. This isn’t being “pro-life” bur rather pro-forced birth at all costs. If the religious right and the GOP truly valued life, they would join the Progressive movement in working to make abortion a rare medical procedure. It’s too bad that religious and political dogma has blinded you to the pain and suffering your agenda has caused our society.

  • You have a really twisted view most of which is devoid of logic and fact. You are right that big business, wall street, and banks support Hillary in fact they own her.

  • Regardless of what the church says there is no place in the Bible where gay marriage and abortion are referred to as sins. If you are so inclined or biased or indoctrinated you can read that into some passages but it never actually says they are sins or condemns you to hell.

  • It doesn’t really matter what the theologians in their ivory towers say or the Pope for that matter, the Bible is no great mystery writing that can’t be easily understood by lay people. If you agree with the Pope and look to him for answers that is fine. I find it ironic that many who look to the church and the Pope for guidance will in defiance of the church and the Pope vote Democrat.

  • It is apparent that you do not know the Bible. It is mentioned several times Old and New Testament, I am not in the habit of doing homework for people who do not want the truth. I also do not waste my time with them either. I’m done.

  • i wonder if there is anybody out there who really believes these superficially transparent political sales jobs that the liberal media gets wholesale shill operations like RCP to link to. I know for a fact that Drudge readers are so pixxed off at government that they are willing to take matters into their own hands sooner than anybody thinks……RCP is repulsive. That whole show tonight was repulsive… franken suddenly an arbiter of morality…….and the public school grads buy this sht? Well, I know this too….Trump has already changed America…and the left can scream and yell and scratch their faces till they bleed, but they are not ready for what is about to happen…..have a nice day.

  • Spare me the surface-skimming shtick. Try it on some newbie Christian.

    Or better yet, DON’T (as your judgement will be increased for troubling one of His “little ones”).

  • Satan, the great deceiver, always mixes good with evil. Where is Kaine’s good. This man is working for Satan big time!!

  • This is called a Nominal Catholic. He claims the name of the Catholic Church but does not abide by its teachings on faith and morals, in the same way as Pelosi, Kerry, Cuomo, etc. This position has no intellectual, moral or spiritual standing. But it does have political standing . . . .

  • I agree. The Democratic support from the religious generally follows the social justice theme of helping the poor. Unfortunately they sacrifice the beliefs of their religion by accepting the hedonistic moral guidelines in areas of abortion and anything goes sexuality. If anything, the societal problems have multiplied as the moral compass spins erratically.

  • Devolution or devilution better describes his support for immorality and abandonment of religious principles.

  • Where is his fellow Virginian and Presidential candidate Jim Webb? The last I heard, he refuses to endorse Hillary.

  • So your God is gonna get me for disagreeing with you, and pointing out your inconsistencies with your God.

    Good to know, as always.

    Thank god I’m an atheist.

  • Yes, the politics of that pesky first amendment, the idea that purely theological concerns should not be a part of civil law.

    Or just .common courtesy and decency, instead of flinging the theo-poo of the No True Christian fallacy And the “You’re not as good a Christian as I am”

  • I can’t help it if your position is contradictory, shallow and devoid of factual support. But here we are.

  • And yet you will vote for the party that has produced the most Antigay platform ever, the one that wants to make you a criminal, and deny your participation in society.

  • For someone so against fornication, you have no trouble throwing you lot in with a serial adulterer. Go figure.

  • People can repent of their sins.

    There are six things which the Lord hates,
    Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him:
    Haughty eyes, a lying tongue,
    And hands that shed innocent blood,

    A heart that devises wicked plans,
    Feet that run rapidly to evil,
    A false witness who utters lies,
    And one who spreads strife among brothers.

  • “Consistency” is the hobgoblin of little atheist minds. To wit:

    Answer not a fool according to his folly,
    lest you be like him yourself.

    Answer a fool according to his folly,
    lest he be wise in his own eyes.

    Proverbs 26

    This is my guiding principle in posting on RCP. It’s a real balancing act, as I’ve still got some fool in myself!

    Mature in your atheism and stop the legalistic proof-texting. Someone will confuse you for a right-wing fundy!

  • Actually I know it quite well. You eliminate Leviticus because nobody follows anything there. You can go to some of Paul’s writings but again we pick and choose which of those to believe. After that you have to put things in the context of the culture at the time. Nonetheless you still can’t find homosexuality and sin together in any passage. However if you continue to believe as you do then why did God make gays.

  • Since your opinions weren’t based on facts I didn’t see any reason to give you anything but my opinion. Besides facts would confuse you. What you apparently consider facts are simply you regurgitating others opinions.

  • Since the baby has DNA that is unique and different from its mother, it is not “part of the mother’s body”, as all natural parts of the mother’s body have her DNA. It is alive, as it exhibits all seven characteristics of life: growth, reproduction, are made up of cells, respond and adapt to the environment, and obtain and utilize energy.

  • Facts:
    Trump has very little corporate support for his campaign. Far less than Mitt Romney or any other GOP presidential candidate in the last 50 years.

    Ferguson’s judicial system used onerous fines as a revenue stream. A way to make up for local budget shortfalls. Police are getting caught on camera killing unarmed black people on a regular basis as of late.

    The NRA opposes restrictions and regulations of firearms which help law enforcement. In fact they sell people on the idea that law enforcement should have a difficult time reducing the numbers of firearms our there.

    Both Trump and ISIS state the US is at war with Islam and all Muslims are either extremists or will be. Both like the use of torture. Both want to criminalize being members of a given faith.

    Why have facts when you can just feel something is correct, right?

  • Pro-life…get it through your head. In the case of abortion, you are anti-life. Republicans are not against women and the pro-life movement would save the lives of hundreds of thousands of girls who would become women. Irresponsible sexuality is the driving factor for abortion in the majority of incidences, not responsible behavior.
    You promote irresponsible behavior…no doubt in a variety of ways.

  • You are either ignorant and pretending to be knowledgeable, or a liar.

    Paul’s First Letter to the Romans:
    24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

    26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

    Homosexuality is directly mentioned here by Saint Paul as being sinful, along with other “sexual impurities.” Stop lying, or stop pretending to know things you don’t.

  • So are you telling this to Tony Perkins, Stephen Anderson, pat Robertson, Donald trump, and a host of others

  • And reality doesn’t have a thing to do with your claims, either. Politifact rated those claims as mostly false. A congressional hearing came to the same conclusion.

  • Your corporate one is a positive for Trump who unlike HRC is owned by Wall St.
    Your Ferguson and ISIS statements are completely false.
    Don’t know where or from what you created the NRA fiction.

  • Sigh… it is clear that you are a lost soul trapped in an archaic and barbaric worldview. When you are ready to join the 21st Century and have a reality based discussion, come back. Until then, live in your own bubble of ignorance but try not to harm others.

  • Lol! Trump loves working people. He just doesn’t believe they should earn a proper compensation for their work. He is notorious for stiffing contractors. This is why courts forced him to pay 300k to plumbers who he owed money to.

    Read up about Ferguson. The riots had a larger basis than a single death by cop. Your denial is pointless.

    ISIS loves people who equate all Muslims with terrorists. It makes it easier to recruit, easier to hide among a radicalized population (one made radicalized by legalized antagonism of Muslims). It makes it easier for people to accept extremism. This is common sense.

    “We can’t let guvmint take our guns” translates to we don’t want law enforcement related regulation of firearms. NRA opposed national level regulations, national level registration and national level compilation of gun crime statistics. They want to make it more difficult for cops.

  • The fact that he was taught and trained by Jesuits ought to be sending alarm bells ringing throughout the length and breadth of the land. The Jesuits are sworn to depose any democratic Protestant government, and to reinstall the papacy on the secular and spiritual throne. Globally. Anyone who was taught by them…like Bill Clinton (Georgetown Uni.) cannot be above suspicion as being traitors to the republic.

  • For a moment there, i thought you were talking about selling of indulgences.

  • Actually, we weep and repent of our sins, and HE buries them in the Sea of Forgetfulness. There is no mandate in the Bible to go to the Marketplace and loudly announce all of our sins.

  • Yes, such contentious Christian values as, “Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder”, and “Thou Shalt not Steal,” and “Thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor” are so contentious and would be a violation of that pesky first amendment. I wonder how he feels about someone who condones murder (abortion), stole from the White House (when they left), and bore false witness (lied about billing records, email & national security, Bengazi, etc.)

  • Really??? I had a business in a very conservative Christian town and I got to the point where I wouldn’t hire Christians because they were lying back stabbing hypocrites. I literally ran help wanted ads that vaguely implied no Christians need apply. In the interview process I wold ask what church they went to. If they named a church I wouldn’t hire them even if they were the best qualified on paper and I liked them in their interview. I probably turned away some good people but I couldn’t take the chance of getting screwed over again. Ironically I never had similar problems with gays, atheists, or agnostics.

  • You accuse Senator Kaine — whose governing (emphasis) beliefs respect the rights, freedoms, and equality of all Americans — of being a “sell-out”?

    Kaine’s clearly stated beliefs don’t indicate that he is “unstable”; they indicate that he is balanced. Respectful of others’ personal/spiritual/existential boundaries. Respectful of the U.S. Constitution. Respectful of the duties of the Vice President. Self-disciplined. Wise. Humble.

    And Kaine’s beliefs reveal character traits to which we should all aspire — even the most self-exalted, self-important, self-deluded, self-appointed judges among us.

    Meanwhile, you excuse Trump’s famous repeated acts of adultery by saying, “People can repent of their sins”? The same Trump who has publicly stated for the record that he has never apologized for anything?

    What was it you called Kaine? “Double-minded”?

    Mirror, mirror.

  • I know about Ferguson BLM wants to kill cops and whites. I also know they burned and looted the town.
    National registration of guns just makes confiscation from legal owners easier.
    Nobody equates all Muslims with radical Islamic terrorists. Although almost half of them at least tacitly support ISIS.

    As to Trump owing contractors you obviously have no idea about bankruptcy law. What you mentioned is standard stuff in bankruptcy which BTW is a legitimate business practice. Walt Disney went bankrupt 7 times.

  • Are there CINO’s out there (Christian in Name Only)? Yes. Are there immature Christians? Yes. My personal experience is that people who say, “You should hire me because I am a Christian” or “You should do this business deal with me because I am a Christian” are generally using the name of Christ as a smoke screen for what they are really like. If, OTOH, they show you proof of their character/competency “I worked hard for my last boss, won salesman of the year 3 out of the last 7 years, and helped my boss to successfully sell the business as he retired.” and are a Christian, then they are probably good to hire. YMMV

    BTW – asking that during an interview (especially as you use that as an excuse to not hire them) opens you up to an EEOC lawsuit, as you are actively discriminating based on religious beliefs.

  • Except they did not do any of those things in Ferguson.

    Registration of firearms allows more sanely, for the accurate compilation of gun crime statistics and for law enforcement to stem the flow straw owner gun purchases. The

    “Nobody equates all Muslims with radical Islamic terrorists.”

    Except Trump, you and half the commented on this board with the story concerning the cardinal. Half the Muslims support ISIS? Have you polled them? No. You just pulled that from your posterior.

    As for Trump, read the news. A judge just order him to fork over 300k to plumbers he refused to pay at the price contracted for. Trump is notorious for leaving investors and partners in the lurch. His greatest skill in business is passing the buck.

  • O, yes, that First Amendment. Let’s see now . . . I believe it covers (1) no establishment of a state church, and (2) free exercise of religion . . . I’m looking for that part that says that you can’t be influenced by your religious beliefs . . . can’t seem to find the darned thing . . . . I would recommend that you and others of your ilk read Richard John Neuhaus’ book, “The Naked Public Square,” for a good education on this subject.

  • No one says you cannot be influenced by your religious belief. That’s called hanging the subject. Also a straw man.

    Be influenced all you like. But if you’re going to say that “God says homosexuality is a sin, and therefore, whatever we do to gay people under color of law is just ducky”…

    You can expect a fight.

  • Did you not watch TV after Ferguson all of that stuff was done and of course let’s not forget the BLM cop killings. Hands up don’t shoot was a lie.
    Trump never never said all Muslims were terrorists any more than he said all illegal aliens were criminals and rapist. I listened. I didn’t need Faux or the unhinged MSNBC to tell me what he said.
    Whether you like Trumps business practices or not given your lack of understanding of such matters you have to admit what he has done is no where near the lying, corrupt near criminal things the Clintons have done. Hillary according to Comey lied under oath in a criminal investigation. That is perjury which is a felony. Will charges be brought. Probably not. But don’t you think this two tier corrupt justice system has to end.

  • Responsible behavior may be archaic to you, but irresponsible behavior results in barbaric actions and eventually a chaotic society…which you support. Like the Philistines sacrificing their children to Dagon, the pro-abortion lobby uses their “modern” final solutions in their efforts to construct a utopian mess. Responsible behavior is timeless and necessary for progress. The Progressive label is merely a word whose meaning has been contorted and distorted.

  • “Hands up don’t shoot” was caught on video. The amount of denial you have to go through is staggering.

    ” I didn’t need Faux or the unhinged MSNBC to tell me what he said.”

    Except he did say that stuff. He continues to say stuff like that. He defends his ridiculous positions. Because news coverage of him saying something offensive is far cheaper than buying ad time.

    “you have to admit what he has done is no where near the lying, corrupt near criminal things the Clintons have done. ”

    No I don’t. Trump’s corrupt business practices are a matter of public record. He gets sued by enough investors, partners, contractors, employees… that it is all there for everyone to see. Trump even uses slave labor in his ventures (especially in Dubai). Nothing the Clintons have done is as bad as using slave labor.

    As for the Clintons, you have a ton of allegations but Republicans couldn’t find a single substantive thing on them for 20+ years. Nobody in politics or the public eye in general. is that good at hiding their skeletons in their closets.

  • There was a thorough impartial investigation done and hands up don’t shoot was a lie. Your last three sites along with Fox always spin stories to fit their agenda. I really don’t believe any of them. There was however videos shown of riots which included looting and burning subsequent to Brown assaulting the officer and getting shot. Question if somebody assaults you with intent to kill or do bodily harm shouldn’t you have the right to shoot them? If somebody invades your home shouldn’t yo have the right to shoot them?
    You said you didn’t need the media to tell you what he said yet you cited four extremely liberal media sources. What the investigation by the FBI found was Brown put his hands up said don’t shoot started to walk away then turned around and attacked the officer. Had he kept on walking he would still be alive.

  • First of all, I DO NOT recognize the Catholic church as christian. There are man made doctrines which can be considered cultish.
    I came out of a heavy catholic backround. But then I read the Bible and saw with my own eyes that 3/4 of the doctrine I was taugh as a child, are NOT SCRIPTUAL. My eyes are open now and I am living a bible filled life with my wife.
    Rome is the headquarters of hypocrisy, idolatry,
    and pride. They too will be brought to their knees.

  • JFK “started” the Vietnam War with a “few” military advisors after the French were defeated. The Roman Catholic connection resulted in Ho Chi Min expelling all Catholics from North Vietnam. JFK was as hypocritical as most politicians are. He was groomed by family to be a politician for life. I liked JFK but history has shown he was very influential in stating one view and then contradicting that view with his actions many times in secret. Keep in mind that in those days, Roman Catholicism was the most powerful adversary of Communism. Communism was most feared by the West, especially the United States, because it could cause a domino effect of countries falling into Communist control.

  • US involvement in Vietnam started under Eisenhower but he did refuse to send troops. Ike believed in the Domino Theory as did Kennedy. Kennedy, like every other mainstream politician of that era, was an ardent anti-Communist. He didn’t dehumanize as some may have and his ability to be an independent critical thinker saved us from nuclear annihilation during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Jack wasn’t the one groomed his whole life to be a politician, that was his brother Joe Jr. Jack suffered from colitis which nearly killed him as a teen and many in the family never thought he would be healthy. He picked up the political baton for the family after WWII when he decided to run for office. His father enthusiastically supported him but Jack was his own man and wasn’t a puppet for his father. Dallas ended the Kennedy administration and we don’t know what he would have done about the deteriorating situation in Vietnam. There were indications that he was going to extricate the US from military involvement after the 64 election but now we’ll never know. We do know that LBJ went all in on “saving” South Vietnam and how that worked out.

  • Tim Kaine doesn’t seem to even really know the faith that he professes he possesses so loudly. He doesn’t understand that women can’t be priests because women can’t be fathers. He doesn’t know that it is inaccurate to say that the Catholic Church is against the death penalty. The Church’s actual position is actually quite nuanced and contextual. He doesn’t understand that the Catholic Church can never “come around” on homosexual coupling because its against natural law and the Church, which is a icon of the family, just as much as the domestic church, (natural family) is an icon of the Trinity, himself. He is as I’ve heard him having been called this morning an intellectual and moral coward.

  • God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah because:
    “This was the sin of your sister (Sodom): She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. They were haughty and did detestable things before me.” Ezekiel 16:49
    — Notice that is SEVERAL things – not just one.
    The gay-engaging people of those cities were involved in consensual homosexual behavior since their founding and God did nothing – He ONLY reacted when a mob of people treated His visiting Angels poorly and with threats of violent-rape.
    — General homosexual-activity/homosexual-relationships were NOT the reason Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God. Context is everything.

  • The Christian Bible does not forbid abortion – it’s only certain church-teachings or christian-sects that don’t allow it – but several Christian denominations either allow it or have no position because the Bible is not specific.
    So, no – nobody has to sacrifice their Christian beliefs if they’re pro-choice. Church doctrine is not the same as Biblical doctrine – and abortion-rules fall under church (or sect) doctrine.
    — On a side note: While Catholicism has been anti-abortion for centuries, the American Evangelical sects have only had this doctrine for about 35 years:

  • The early Christian Church valued writings known as the Didache and the Epistle of Barnabas that clearly condemned abortion. Due to the doctrinal schisms in the Protestant/Catholic history, many of the early Christian Church writings were ignored. Modern imaging showing the miracle of life in womb and historical research into early Christian beliefs caused many to reexamine their stance based on the Old Testament writings in Leviticus.
    Abortion is the closest thing in modern times that compares to the Philistines sacrificing their children to their graven image Dagon. Now we have a new, hedonistic moral paradigm that promotes abortion.

  • You may have learned childlike Catholicism as a child, but as an adult you could have gone much deeper into apologetics and the history of schismatic movements that even Paul, Peter, the early Apostles, and the early Church had to contend with. The early Church used the Septuagint, compiled before Jesus, as their Old Testament doctrines; whereas now many use the compilation of the Old Testament by non Christian Jews at Jumna, roughly 100 years after Jesus. Several codexes from the early Church show collections of New Testament documents until Jerome compiled the New Testament for the Emperor Constantine in an attempt to clarify what teachings should be considered doctrinal. Since then Martin Luther and others have argued and changed the books as they see fit.

  • So, by law, it is ok to abort an unborn baby, or fetus as you all would like to refer to it as…must make it easier to swallow. However, if you murder a pregnant woman it is a double homicide…how does that work? How can it be a double homicide if that “fetus” is not alive and a human being?

  • You are right the law is incongruous. Don’t know why you bring up abortion, but in my opinion that is between the women and their God.