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Louis Farrakhan blasts Jews, Obama

RNS file photo by Ted Parks.
(RNS2-OCT06) Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, addresses a crowd in Los Angeles in 2002.

(RNS2-OCT06) Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, addresses a crowd in Los Angeles in 2002.

(RNS) Jewish leaders on Monday (Feb. 27) denounced Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan after he delivered a four-hour speech on Sunday that was laced with anti-Semitic statements about Jewish control of the media. 

Speaking to thousands of supporters during the 82nd annual Saviors' Day celebration in Chicago, Farrakhan accused “Zionists” of trying to push America into war with Iran and dubbed Al-Jazeera, the Dubai-based news channel, as Al Jew-zeera.

“I'm not anti-Semitic, I'm just telling the truth,” Farrakhan asserted, alleging that Jews were responsible for a controversial 2008 cover of The New Yorker that depicted President Obama in Muslim garb.

“In 100 years, they control movies, television, recording, publishing, commerce, radio, they own it all,” Farrakhan added. 

Farrakhan also alleged that 9/11 was carried out by the U.S. government, criticized Obama for letting down blacks and Muslims, and warned the president about being influenced by Satan.

Deborah Lauter, civil rights director at the New York-based Anti-Defamation League, said she wasn't surprised by Farrakhan's remarks. “If there's any surprise, it's that he continues to attract a following,” she said.

Farrakhan also used the annual address, which commemorates the birthday of the group's founder, Wallace Fard Muhammad, to bemoan the ongoing Arab Spring protests, which last year claimed the life of his “good friend” Moammar Gadhafi, the longtime Libyan dictator.   

“The Arab Spring didn't start in the Muslim world. It started from plans in the United States to take over the Middle East, its natural resources,” Farrakhan said.

Ticking-off a long list of inflammatory statements made by Republican politicians against Obama, Farrakhan suggested that President Obama would be a target for assassination — possibly at the hands of an unwitting Muslim dupe.

“If an atmosphere of hatred is being created for Obama, then what is the next step?” Farrakhan said.

While Nation of Islam members call themselves Muslims, mainstream Muslims reject the group's racist overtones and its belief that the late Elijah Muhammad was a messenger of God.

Farrakhan also warned against going to war against Iran over its nuclear ambitions or threats to Israeli security.

“If America goes to war with Iran, all the young people in the Nation, I'm telling you, you do not fight in America's wars against another Muslim country. We are all conscientious objectors,” he said.


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  • Nothing new here from Farrakhan…he and the NOI have been saying the same for decades. He needs to be careful about throwing “President Obama” and “assasination” around in the same sentence, however.

  • Many people think that Malcom X was assasinated by the NOI. I find it ironic that NOI and Farrakhan are not arrested for hate speech.

  • Fred… whew..thanks for that.
    I have been reading so many reasoned and intelligent perspectives from moderate religious people on fb and here in RNS that I needed to be reminded that making inane statements and demonstrating gross ignorance is still considered a virtue among the hard core religious right.

    Stock market up highest since 2008. five consecutive monthsof lowering unemployment which is at its lowest in three years. Home sales up, building up. Car companies making record profits. Manufafcturing hiring in this country. And the president is doing everything he can to help collapse the economy because…? Oh, I know, because he’s A) a Muslim, B) is a Kenyan C) hates America D) is a communist/socialist/fascist (pick one or more)? Have I got that about right, Fred?

    Is there no end to this madness of extremist right wing haters?

  • For all Farrakhan’s hysterical religious bluster, Obama will be handily rel-elected and the vast majority of the Jewish population here in the USA will assist, with their overwhelming preference for democrat presidents.

    Farrakhan should have stuck to playing the fiddle instead of unsuccessfully trying to channel Malcolm X all these years.

  • Satan is the ruler of this world according to Jesus hence I rest my case…friendship with the world and politics of this world would make someone an enemy of God quoted from the book of James 4:4 Don’t be in such a hurry to be involved with this policy of having to vote for men in office! Daniel 2:44 makes it crystal clear what is the end result!