Social Issues in Orlando

Fox’s Megyn Kelly was last night’s designated social issues questioner, and she directed herself to the middle of the field (transcript after the jump). First up was Michele Bachmann, who got to explain her statement that church-state separation is a “myth.” Backing off the myth thing, Bachmann took refuge in the standard conservative meme that […]

Pro-choice/pro-life Americans

How can two-thirds of Americans say they are both pro-choice and pro-life? Are they confused about what those terms mean? I wouldn’t say so. The Public Religion Research Institute’s important new survey of attitudes toward abortion (and, to a lesser extent, homosexuality) makes clear that most Americans take a nuanced view. As the title puts […]

Shooting words

Pace Sarah Palin’s spokeswoman, but of course the lady’s map featured crosshairs–just another example of the recourse to firearms imagery in contemporary Republican political rhetoric. Is it accurate to trace it to Pat Buchanan’s famous “Lock and Load!” summons to (metaphorical) arms in his insurgent 1996 campaign for the GOP presidential nomination? Whatever, it’s what […]

Abortion v. Common Ground

Daniel Schultz, Streetprophets’ quondam Pastordan now blogging under his own name at Religion Dispatches, makes a strong if slightly musty case against the “common ground” initiatives embraced by a number of centrist religious operations to garner support for Obamaite domestic policy over the past year. It’s slightly musty because, in the current Tea Party moment, […]

Republican = Pro-life

In its latest poll on abortion, Gallup headlines its conclusion that the “new normal” is that more Americans are pro-life than pro-choice. This is the second poll that confirms the reversal of pro-life and pro-choice positions that Gallup first revealed a year ago. In fact, the current preference, by two percentage points, is not statistically […]

Why pro-lifers aren’t pro-HCR

Expanding health coverage reduces abortions. That’s what T.R. Reid argues in today’s WaPo, and it’s a powerful argument. Look at our peer countries in the developed world. All have universal health coverage and most include abortion in that coverage and all have lower rates of abortion than we do. Why? On the front end, women […]

Premeditated Murder

If ever anyone planned and carried out the killing of another human being, Scott Roeder’s testimony at his trial yesterday made clear that he did. He described taking his pistol to George Tiller’s church two times prior to when he actually got to the doctor, pressing the muzzle against his head and pulling the trigger. […]

USCCB Wants Health Care Reform?

According to David Gibson, the Catholic bishops have been shocked and dismayed at the rapidity with which health care reform has gone from near sure thing to near death. So they’ve written yet another letter to Congress, urging passage of a comprehensive bill despite the changed “political contexts.” Color me not so impressed. Had the […]

USCCB v. Health Care Reform

Anyone who imagines that the Catholic bishops will end up supporting health care reform should go over to On Faith and take a look at this post by their spokeswoman, Sr. Mary Ann Walsh. Insisting that her bosses have supported reform “for decades,” Walsh goes on to complain that the present state of affairs is […]