Pope Francis to the rescue?

How good is it that the world is head-over-heels in love with Pope Francis? In the opinion of Commonweal editor Paul Baumann, writing in Slate, not so good, at least as far as the church itself is concerned. I beg to differ.

The resurrection of the Crown Market

A few weeks ago I wrote about the death of West Hartford’s Crown Market, the beloved kosher grocery store that has been serving the greater Hartford Jewish community for three-quarters of a century. God forbid that I should leave the impression that this was the end of the story. For within days, Henry Zachs, the community’s […]

Taxing Mormon temples

A friend of mine who practices First Amendment law is not happy that the European Court of Human Rights on Tuesday upheld a British refusal to permit the Mormon Temple in Preston tax-free status as a place of public worship. “It’s another indication of how equality is overriding religious liberty,” he emailed.