Gay equality is the new norm

Part of me would like Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to surprise everybody and sign SB 1062, aka the Religious Freedom to Discriminate Against Gays Restoration Act. That way, a gay or lesbian in Flagstaff, Phoenix, or Tucson — the only jurisdictions in the state that currently bar discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation — could go to court and get a ruling that Arizonans’ religious freedom no more allows such discrimination in business than it allows discrimination on the basis of race or gender or religion itself.

Christie’s transgression

Now I know you all have been wondering to yourselves, “Where’s the religious angle in the Great Christie Bridge-Lane Closing Scandal?” Well here it is, straight from a guy who grew up in the Garden State.

JFK v. Hobby Lobby

Amid the outpouring of remembrance and assessment marking the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, there has been a notable lack of attention to the significance of his presidency for religion in public life.