Gunning for Jesus

There’s been a certain amount of cyber-snarking at the Kentucky Baptist Convention (KBC) since Friday, when Andrew Wolfson of the Louisville Courier-Journal reported that the organization has been using gun giveaways to evangelize. But let’s contextualize.

Gay equality is the new norm

Part of me would like Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to surprise everybody and sign SB 1062, aka the Religious Freedom to Discriminate Against Gays Restoration Act. That way, a gay or lesbian in Flagstaff, Phoenix, or Tucson — the only jurisdictions in the state that currently bar discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation — could go to court and get a ruling that Arizonans’ religious freedom no more allows such discrimination in business than it allows discrimination on the basis of race or gender or religion itself.

Pope Francis’ gospel of communication

For his church’s World Communication Day tomorrow, Pope Francis has chosen as his theme: “Communication at the Service of an Authentic Culture of Encounter.” Not to get all self-important or anything, but I like to think of my blog as at the service of the same cultural species, whether it be encountering other communicators via links or readers via interactive commenting.