Priest = heterosexual husband

Sure, there have been good homosexual priests, Rev. Kevin J. Sweeney, director of vocations for the Diocese of Brooklyn, allows in today’s NYT. But that’s not how the church rolls today. “A priest can only give his life to the church in the sense that a man gives his life to a female spouse. A […]

The Rights of Military Chaplains

Yesterday a bunch of pastors, priests, and rabbis led by the Family Research Council held a press conference in the Capitol at which they begged the Lord to soften the hearts of lawmakers. Didn’t happen.  Both the House of Representatives and the Senate Armed Services Committee voted to permit the repeal of Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell. The burden […]

The Excommunication of Sister Margaret

Nicolas Kristof takes up cudgels today on behalf of Sister Margaret McBride, the administrator at St. Joseph’s hospital in Phoenix who last December was excommunicated by Bishop Thomas Olmstead for agreeing to the termination of a pregnancy in order to save the mother’s life. The story, broken by the Arizona Republic this month, already has […]

Catholic “Marriage”

One of the little tics that Catholic opponents of same-sex marriage have developed is to refer to it as “marriage.” As in this from the USCCB’s latest letter to Congress: The movement to redefine marriage to include two persons of the same sex (a.k.a. same-sex “marriage”) has changed the law substantially toward that end, at […]

Six Scotus Recusals?

Let’s suppose, hypothetically, that you were a municipal court judge in a small town, and someone sued the, oh, Baptist church you belonged to for monetary damages. You’d recuse yourself from hearing the case, wouldn’t you? Well, the Obama Administration has now filed a brief in Doe v. Holy See, an Oregon case that seeks […]

Faithless Democrats

Yesterday, WaPo’s Michelle Boorstein drew back the veil on the Democratic Party’s much vaunted commitment to religious outreach and revealed, whoops, that the Democratic National Committee has no vestments. Howard Dean donned them, not only to considerable fanfare but also, in important races around the country, to considerable effect. You’d have thought that Tim Kaine, […]

Suing the Pope

Take a look at John Allen’s recent recapitulation of the Vatican’s response in O’Bryan vs. the Holy See, the Kentucky case in which the plaintiff is seeking to prove that American bishops are employees of Rome, and were following Vatican orders in covering up cases of sexual misconduct by priests. And that therefore the Vatican […]

Is there an app for this?

Because of a rash of suicides, Apple’s giant Chinese manufacturer Foxconn has hired 30 Buddhist monks to free the souls of those who killed themselves from Purgatory. As for working hours, they’re staying the same.

Abortion v. Common Ground

Daniel Schultz, Streetprophets’ quondam Pastordan now blogging under his own name at Religion Dispatches, makes a strong if slightly musty case against the “common ground” initiatives embraced by a number of centrist religious operations to garner support for Obamaite domestic policy over the past year. It’s slightly musty because, in the current Tea Party moment, […]