Married Anglo-Catholic priests?

If this is right, not so many. The pope’s personal ordinariate to the Anglicans would then permit existing married Anglican priests to be grandfathered in as married Catholic clergy, but you wouldn’t be able to be freshly ordained as an Anglo-Catholic priest. Which is to say, this wouldn’t be the same deal as the Eastern […]

Wallis on abortion and health care reform

Over on Religion Dispatches, Sarah Posner cornered Jim Wallis on where he actually stands on abortion these days, and here’s what he told her: “I believe the best response to abortion is not to criminalize what, I believe, is often a tragic and desperate choice; but rather to find effective and proven solutions to reduce […]

Benedictine Radicalism

Over at the WaPo/Georgetown kaffeeklatsch, Hoya gov prof Patrick J. Deneen (inspired by Dr. Robert Moynihan’s latest newsflash from Rome) argues that Pope Benedict (like the late Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire) is neither left, right, nor center, but a radical seeking to marshal a smaller, tougher, and more traditionalist Christianity against the barbarism of […]

A New Michael Steinhardt Award

In our day, a statement of such awe-inspiring obtuseness has been emitted by a Great Personage that it not only demands widespread notice but actually merits special recognition for all time. Therefore and herewith, I announce the b’rit milah (we Jews don’t do baptisms) of the Michael H. Steinhardt Award for Macher Dopiness, the first […]

Blue Dog Bart Stupak will vote for health care reform…

…even if his abortion exclusion amendment fails, according to what he said recently in Cheboygan. There were members of the audience who were not happy. So why doesn’t Stupak make a better case for himself. Such as that it’s not a question of the federal government paying for abortions but helping subsidize the purchase of […]

The New Israel Lobby

The state of the Israel Lobby is healthy. J Street, the new liberal alternative to the venerable neocon AIPAC, has concluded its first big DC shindig, having received the imprimatur of the Obama administration in the form of an address by National Security Advisor Jim Jones. True, New York’s U.S. senators, Schumer and Gillibrand, withdrew […]

Focus on the Family pays for abortions

That’s the burden of Amy Sullivan’s charge over on Swampland. She’s ascertained that Focus ensures its employees through Principal Insurance Company, which includes abortion services in its health insurance policies. Even assuming that Focus’ own group plan does not include abortion coverage, isn’t the organization still indirectly underwriting abortions? And how is that different from […]

No remorse

It seems that eBay won’t permit supporters of Scott Roeder, the man accused of murdering abortion doctor George Tiller, to use its site to hold an auction to raise money for his defense. Among the items they planned to auction is a prison drawing by Roeder of David and Goliath depicting David holding the head […]

Where do the bishops stand?

Writing on the WaPo On Faith blog, David Waters concludes a post on the health-care reform spat between Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy (D-R.I.) and Rhode Island Catholic Bishop Thomas J. Tobin by taking up cudgels on behalf of the bishops’ worries about abortion: Given that even Democrats don’t agree on whether current versions of health-reform […]