WWJD about health care?

In Matthew 10:8, Jesus enjoins his disciples to “heal the sick.” Whether or not this can be considered a mandate for health care reform as it is being pursued in the U.S. today, it is telling that, according to Public Religion Research’s recent survey of religious activists, 67 percent of progressive religious activists believe that […]

Happy Blasphemy Day!

For the serious-minded among you, I recommend curling up with Leonard Levy’s 688-page Blasphemy: Verbal Offense Against the Sacred from Moses to Salman Rushdie. But first, to review the current bidding, take a look at David Gibson’s piece over on Politics Daily. It seems that the occasion has sparked some internecine warfare between the atheist […]

Fr. Polanski?

OK, I’ll bite. A lot of nice Catholic guys (Reese, Gibson, Martin…see the Paulson roundup) are in a lather about criticism of the arrest of Roman Polanski in the child rape case that he skipped out of decades ago. What, they ask, if Polanski had been wearing a (Roman) collar? No such slack would have […]

The Mojave Cross…

…now covered in plywood, goes before the Supreme Court next week, and according to WaPo: “If the court reaches the constitutional issues at hand, all sides agree it could provide clarity to the court’s blurry rules on church-and-state separation.” It could also not provide clarity–and that’s what I’m betting on. For sure, the court will […]

Pro-Life, Pro-Obamacare

It’s significant that anti-abortion African-American religious leaders are now supporting the Democratic health care reform legislation, taking the president at his word that it is abortion-neutral. This helps separate the pro-life sheep (those just worried about abortion) from the pro-life goats (for whom abortion concerns mask thoroughgoing opposition).

Spiritual Politics, Anglo-Saxon style

For what it’s worth, here’s my guess: The fabulous Anglo-Saxon hoard discovered by that unemployed metal detectorist in Staffordshire was booty taken by King Penda of Mercia in his victory over the saintly King Oswald of Northumbria at the battle of Maserfield in 641 or 642. The hoard includes some Judeo-Christian bric-a-brac, as reported by […]

Atheist on the warpath

PZ Myers, biology prof and proud atheist, takes umbrage at what he see as a dishonest effort to reassure the public that all those Nones are not really Big Bad Unbelievers but mostly just skeptics about organized religion. No doubt, there are some who push in this direction–notably those (like Pew) who insist on referring […]