The First Amendment

We’ve entered the wacky pre-election days, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at anything. But the Dole ad is one for the history books, and now we’ve got Sarah Palin claiming that media criticism of her for criticizing Barack Obama threatens her First Amendment rights. That’s a beautiful thing. But, as Cab Calloway once […]

He Who Cannot Be Named

It’s obvious that the alleged anti-Semite that McCain apparatchik Michael Goldfarb cannot name is Jeremiah Wright, who has made statements sufficient to warrant considering him less than friendly toward the State of Israel. Why can’t Goldfarb name him? I have little doubt that he’s under orders from the campaign not to–and the question is why. […]

Marriage in the Land of Steady Habits

On Tuesday, CT voters get to decide if the state should hold its first constitutional convention in 40 years–the fond hope of those who would like to do away with same-sex marriage, as recently mandated by the state supreme court. And indeed, according to a new Hartford Courant poll, the voters seem to want to […]

Bishops take note

According to the latest Le Moyne/Zogby poll of Catholic attitudes, barely 13 percent of Catholics who agree with their church’s position on abortion say they would be unlikely to vote for a candidate who disagrees with them. Correction: Make that 13 percent of all Catholics say they would be unlikely to vote for a candidate […]

Evangelical Hoosiers

The race in Indiana is tied at 45 each, according to a new Indianapolis Star poll. In this usually dependable red state, it is not good news for McCain that evangelicals are supporting him by less than 2-1 (57-33). In 2004, they backed Bush 77-22. Bush won Indiana by 21 points, 60-39. Evangelicals constitute 35 […]