George v. Pfleger

What I missed yesterday was the afternoon’s reprimand of Fr. Pfleger by his boss Francis George, the cardinal archbishop of Chicago. Let’s assume, then, that Bill Donohue knew that Pfleger had incurred episcopal displeasure. Is it any more the Catholic League’s business to serve as the hierarchy’s enforcer of ecclesiastical discipline? More interesting, though, is […]

No Comment?

Not that it’s likely to make a difference, but has anyone asked the Clinton campaign for a reaction to New York Gov. David Paterson’s order that state agencies recognize same-sex marriages performed out of state? Earlier in the campaign, this would have been a subject of considerable media interest, especially after Hillary’s flip-flop on supporting […]

Donohue v. Pfleger

Bill Donohue, sachem of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, does not lack for partisan chutzpah. In his ongoing war on Barack Obama, he today took after the Illinois senator for his relationship with Fr. Michael Pfleger, last Sunday’s Trinity U.C.C. sermonizer. Here’s a piece of what Donohue had to say: Father Pfleger’s […]

Man of God

When does a “controversial” preacher become a public pariah? In Jeremiah Wright’s case, it was when he danced gleefully around the podium before dozens of cameras at the National Press Club. In John Hagee’s case, it was when an old audiotape seemed to suggest that he believed God had acquiesced in the Holocaust to hasten […]

Over the Line?

Last week, Tacoma News Tribune political reporter Niki Sullivan wrote a story about an appearance by Washington State’s GOP gubernatorial hopeful Dino Rossi at a meeting of the local chapter of the Christian Businessmen’s Connection. On the strength of an audiotape and a blogger’s post, Sullivan suggested that the not-for-profit had violated the IRS rules […]

Father Mike

Father Michael Pfleger, the priest of the Chicago’s famous largely African-American Catholic Church St. Sabina’s, has been called the greatest white black preacher in America. Here, last Sunday, he did some major signifying as the guest preacher at, yes, Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ, wherein he makes some serious ugly fun of Hilary Clinton […]


The latest Pew poll shows Barack Obama widening his slight lead among Catholics over John McCain since April from two to four percentage points, losing seven percentage points to McCain among Protestants, and increasing his margin over him among the unaffiliated by nine percentage points. The biggest shift came among white evangelicals, who now favor […]

The Abortion Card

GOM wonders why John McCain, in seeking to firm up his evangelical support, hasn’t played the abortion card. After all, his record on abortion (with the not unimportant exception of his support for stem cell research) is as good as any pro-lifer could wish. The answer, I submit, is that abortion has become a much […]

Field of Marital Dreams

If the new Field poll is on the money, not only is same-sex marriage a done deal in California, but anything looking like the national GOP of the past generation can pack up and head back east. The only religious bloc in solid opposition are evangelicals (those identifying themselves as born again). Other Protestants (by […]