Obama’s Judgment

Today’s WaPo editorial taxes Obama for bad judgment in L’Affaire Wright: Did Mr. Obama climb out of that hole yesterday? It seems to us that the whole sorry episode raises legitimate questions about his judgment. Given the long and close relationship between Mr. Obama and the Rev. Wright, voters will ask: How could Mr. Obama […]

Remember 1960

In the wake of the latest Wright/Obama tempest, a view is taking hold (see Ambinder here) that the Wrights of the world would actually prefer to see Obama lose, inasmuch as an Obama victory would give the lie to their conviction that the American deck is irredeemably stacked against people of color. This analysis might […]

Obama v. Wright

“Yesterday he caricatured himself.” That sounds about right to me. Andrew Sullivan is fired up, and ready to go again. Now let’s see how it plays in the less sympathetic reaches of the commentariat.

Lest you thought the wafer watch was over

New York’s Cardinal Egan thought he had a deal with Rudy Giuliani that he’d never take Communion in his archdiocese. And then America’s pro-choice former mayor went ahead and did so at St. Pat’s, with His Holiness himself a few steps away. Nine days later, Egan fired his blast from the archdiocesan website. Giuliani, tracked […]

The Wright Stuff

So we have Wright the thoughtful intellectual with Bill Moyers, Wright the passionate exponent of equality before the NAACP, and Wright the angry radical at the National Press Club. Inevitably, the last will be engraved as the real Wright, though I’m inclined to think that all of them are equally real.

Obama in (a different) church

Yesterday, as chapter 2 of the Jeremiah Wright Saga was getting under way, Barack Obama went to St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, a big urban enterprise presided over by Rev. M. Kent Millard. A few weeks ago, Rev. Millard preached on racial reconciliation–in the big friendly inclusive unthreatening white Midwestern Methodist mode.

He Keeps Going and Going and Going…

Rev. Wright continues to dominate the media cycle with remarks made to the National Press Club. Here is the video of Wright defending the infamous “9-11 were America’s chickens coming home to roost” line. Wright went on to say that the Black Church was really the victim of attacks directed at him. His remarks at […]

Recalculating PA

CNN has recalculated its exit poll for Pennsylvania, with the result that the Jewish vote turns out to be more pro-Clinton than it originally seemed: 62 percent to 38 percent (61 percent to 39 percent for white Jews). That’s a little bigger margin than for white Protestants (59 percent to 41 percent) and a good […]