Punished with a Baby

Barack Obama spoke to a crowd in Pennsylvania on Saturday about sex education and told them the following: “When it comes specifically to HIV/AIDS, the most important prevention is education, which should include — which should include abstinence education and teaching the children — teaching children, you know, that sex is not something casual. But […]

McCain Courts Catholics

As Wayne Slater of the Dallas Morning News points out, John McCain is quietly engaged in the delicate courtship of Catholic voters. A key swing demographic, Catholics could crown McCain victorious come November. However, the generally moderate group could also be turned off if McCain lines up too closely with the religious right. Thus, tact […]

Religion Gap

For those of us (and if we aren’t legion neither are we a tiny few) who have shouldered the burden of tracking religion in the current campaign, the, ah, Godsend that was the Obama/Wright affair has just about run itself into the blogground, leaving in its wake a discernible absence of news. This may be […]

Enough Already

Jacques Berlinerblau, the Washington Post‘s house church-state separation absolutist, sticks his tongue in his cheek to advocate a constitutional amendment that begins, “The right of presidential aspirants to discuss religion, invoke sacred texts, or mention God on the campaign trail is hereby repealed.” The amendment also proposes that, “Whenever a religious figure endorses any candidate […]


Yesterday, a man I know told me that he had “converted” to Barack Obama as follows. He had been trying to make up his mind between Obama and Clinton, and while Obama’s speech on race impressed him, it was not enough to cause him to get down off the fence. What did, instead, was his […]

Sheik Obama

You’d think by now that anyone who wasn’t aware of Barack Obama’s religious identity would have to be living under a rock. If so, there are a lot of American voters living under rocks. According to a Pew Research poll, 10 percent of voters think Obama’s a Muslim, up six percent from an AP-Yahoo poll […]

Pennslyvania On My Mind

With Pennsylvania’s upcoming contest looming (April 22), attention has turned to winning over one of the state’s crucial religious blocs. No, its not the Quakers, but the Catholics who are being courted by Obama and Clinton. Recent polls have Clinton leading among Catholics, but Obama is not conceding this crucial Keystone constituency. Some are speculating […]

Still a Christian

Barack Obama reiterated his commitment to his Christian faith in Greensboro, NC yesterday. When a member of a town hall meeting asked the Senator about the role Jesus plays in his life, Obama said “I’m a Christian. What that means for me is that I believe Jesus Christ died for my sins, and, uh, and, […]

Post Speech Poll

A new NBC/ Wall Street Journal poll has some interesting numbers. Besides showing that Americans are reticent to elect AARP members president, the poll revealed strong insight into the Rev. Wright fallout. First, most Americans followed the Rev. Wright controversy somewhat or not too much (37 and 19). Thirty five percent of respondents said that […]