Time Out for Some Demography

Last Monday, the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life released the first analytical hunk of what it is calling the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey (not to be confused with earlier Pew-sponsored “American Religious Landscape and Political Attitudes” surveys). Thanks to the Pew name, a fab marketing strategy, and a really cool website, it has […]

The Complainant

James Hutchins, the complainant in the IRS investigation of the United Church of Christ, has written in to suggest that I based my earlier remarks on the UCC press release, not the complaint itself. Actually, I based them on the Hartford Courant story and the IRS letter. I don’t think I’d say anything different based […]

Texohio poll

Today’s Houston Chronicle/Zogby poll of likely voters in the upcoming Democratic primaries in Texas and Ohio shows Clinton up strongly with Catholics, mostly white in Ohio and mostly Hispanic in Texas. Protestants split evenly between Clinton and Obama in Ohio, go strongly to Obama in Texas; others in both states are for Obama. The non-Catholic […]

Parsley on the IRS

Mega-church leader and televangelist Rod Parsley recently gave his insight into the appropriate role churches should play in our political process. Like Obama’s congregation, Parsley has been accused of violating IRS guidelines (in 2006) about campaigning from the pulpit. Parsley was recently interviewed by PBS’s Religion and Ethics program about the situation. The pastor defended […]

If I can do it, Obama can too

Keith Ellison, the first and only Muslim member of Congress, weighed in on the recent attacks on Barack Obama’s name and faith. Ellison doubts that Americans wouldn’t elect a Muslim president based on his or her faith. In an interview with AP’s Frederic Frommer, the Congressman tried to portray America overall as having an unbigoted […]

Top Ten List

The Interfaith Alliance has come up with a Top Ten List of religious blunders from this season’s campaign. President of the Alliance, Rev. Dr. C Welton Gaddy, said “I have witnessed more abuses of religion in this primary season than in any election in recent memory.” Check out the video, here. It is an enjoyable […]

Stop the presses

Brody flags a document from the Obama campaign’s religious outreach team highlighting their candidate’s success with religious voters–an array of data drawn from the exit polls. He concludes that Obama’s not conceding the Church vote to McCain.

Obama, the UCC, and the IRS

Today the Hartford Courant has bannered across its front page Elizabeth Hamilton’s story on an IRS investigation of the United Church of State (er. make that Christ) resulting from Barack Obama’s address to the annual convention of that denomination (which is his own) last summer. (You can check out the IRS’ February 20 letter here […]

Diplomat for Obama

Yesterday we had a visit at Trinity from Daniel Kurtzer, now of the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton, whose three-decade career in the State Department included three years as President Clinton’s ambassador to Egypt and four years as President Bush’s ambassador to Israel. (After leaving that job and the department in 2005, he spent a […]