Obama and the Jews

My colleague Ron Kiener has an excellent analysis on his blog of Obama’s “Jewish problem,” making use of the Florida exit polls. There does seem to be a widespread impression that Obama is soft on support for Israel, fueled in no small part by ugly emails circulating around the Internet. The organized Jewish community clearly […]

What Hinckley Begat

Time’s Dan van Biema has a piece on the significant legacy of LDS President Gordon Hinckley. The article relies on Spiritual Politics contributor Jan Shipps’ expertise and hypothesizes that without Hinckley a Mormon’s presidential campaign would not gain traction outside LDS locales. van Biema on Romney: "But were it not for Hinckley’s relentless 20-year publicity […]

Noo Yawk

New York City is an ethno-religious wonderland, and for a little look into what’s going on there in the run-up to Super Tuesday, take a look at this, from Daily News blogger Elizabeth Benjamin.

What Happened to Huck?

Vanity Fair‘s James Wolcott has this dispeptic assessment of the Huckabee failure: The zombie march of Giuliani’s and Fred Thompson’s maladroit campaigns will entrance political dissecters for seasons to come but less remarked is the misguided direction the Huckabee campaign took after its win in Iowa. Despite his financial disadvantages, Huckabee had a real opportunity […]

At the Reagan Library

God made one fleeting appearance at the Republican debate last night, when (surprise!) Mike Huckabee said, “[P]eople in this country I think are grateful to God they’re in a land that people are trying to break into and not one they’re trying to break out of.” Now that caucus and primary results have come in […]

Mitt’s Last Chance

Hugh Hewitt, fighting for Romney till the last dog dies, puts the best face he can on the Florida results and argues that a stop McCain effort will require Huckabee’s people to look down the road and switch to the Mittster. The shadow of the ’96 Dole campaign will fall on McCain now, and the […]


OK, according to the Florida exit poll, Huckabee got 32 percent of the white born-again/evangelical vote, Romney 31 percent, McCain 26 percent, and Giuliani 6 percent. In a word, Huck did worse among white evangelicals than he’s done in any state thus far; and white evangelicals showed that they are increasingly prepared to vote for […]

Sunshine Christian Soldiers

Here’s a Florida pastor’s cri de coeur for Huckabee: Where have all the evangelicals gone? The polls show Huck struggling in fourth place. If there are as many evangelicals in Florida as John Green thinks there is, then a smaller proportion of them are voting for Huckabee than elsewhere. Of course, there are various possible […]