Huck Meets the Press

On yesterday’s Meet the Press, Tim Russert taxed Huckabee with a line, apparently from his speech to the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in Salt Lake City in 1996, where he urges the audience to “take back the nation for Christ.” This has roiled the waters a bit, causing various cries of outrage in the […]

Huck Shakes Up GOP

This weekend’s NYT has worthwhile piece by David Kirkpatrick. Kirkpatrick explains how the rise of Huckabee might be signaling a change in the traditional anatomy of the GOP. “Now his success is setting off a debate in his party over whether his success marks the fading of the old Reaganite conservative coalition — social conservatives, […]


The New York Times‘ estimable David Kirkpatrick has a good piece in today’s Week in Review on Huckabee and the putative collapse of the Reagan coalition of social conservatives, economic conservatives, and defense, ah, conservatives. Ed Rollins, the old GOP hand now managing Huck’s campaign, pronounced it dead, claiming that the “key” is a “whole […]

Romney and the Faith Factor

Looking back at year’s end on Mitt Romney’s “Faith in America” speech, I see it as a touchstone for the new role of religion in contemporary American politics. The speech contained three major messages that indicate how much more complex faith-based politics have become since John F. Kennedy’s speech to the Houston Ministerial Association in […]


From this Dallas Morning News piece, it looks like Huck is doing quite well, thank you, working around the lukewarmness of many of the Religious Right’s Big Dogs.

Huck Angers Catholics

Reuters’ Jim Forsyth has this story on how Mike Huckabee’s appearance at a controversial church might anger some Catholic voters. The anger surrounds the church’s pastor John Hagee. “Hagee has a history of denigrating the Catholic religion,” said Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, the largest Catholic civil rights group in the United States. […]


I was just watching the hour-long interview with Obama conducted last October by editorial board of the Nashua (N.H.) Telegraph, which endorsed Obama today. About eight minutes from the end, the candidate is asked whether his faith has ever come into conflict with policy positions he has taken. His answer is no, though it he […]

Pennies from Heaven

This story by Politico’s Kenneth Vogel on clergy political contributions testifies to the new faith-based appeal of Democratic candidates. The raw numbers don’t mean much; clergy don’t have much to give. What’s most significant is that whereas four years ago religious professionals were giving the GOP 59 percent of their campaign contributions, they’re now giving […]