A cheer for Kim Davis

I don’t doubt that Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis believes she will go to hell if she issues a marriage license to a same-sex couple. However, I rise to cheer not the steadfastness of her faith but the usefulness of the object lesson she has provided the country on the limits of free exercise in this country.

A quiz for the right-to-not-bake folks

The Cassandras of religious liberty were back in full cry last week after a Colorado appeals court upheld a judge’s decision not to let baker David Phillips refuse to bake a cake for Charlie Craig and David Mullins, who wanted one to celebrate their marriage.

Nature versus religion

Living amidst purple mountain majesties and other wonders of nature is likely to turn you away from religious adherence, claim a couple of Baylor academics who’ve got the multivariate factor analysis to back it up. But don’t take it too seriously.